A Short Film

Written & Directed by Jessie Barr and Lena Hudson

Starring Jessie Barr, Lena Hudson and Chris Messina

Produced by Jessie Barr, Lena Hudson, Joe Dinnen & Tom O’Brien

Co-Produced By Libby Ewing

Charlie (Jessie Barr) and Val (Lena Hudson) are best friends and owners of a fledgling Princess Party business in Los Angeles. After a mishap at an important client's party the two find themselves in the hole and desperate for funds. They meet a charming divorcee (Chris Messina), and what begins as a provocative yet seemingly harmless adventure takes a downward turn that will alter their lives forever.

Short of the Week calls TLATF, “ Hilarious, heartbreaking and totally relatable. A real gem”. TLATF had its world premiere at the Oscar qualifying 2018 L.A. Shorts International Film Festival and won Best Comedy Short at the 2018 Salute Your Shorts Film Festival in Los, Angeles. TLATF had it’s UK premiere at the Manchester Film Festival and screened at the 2018 San Diego International Film Festival, the 2018 Boston Film Festival, the 2018 New Hampshire Film Festival and the 2018 St. Louis International Film Festival, among others. TLATF premiered online via Short of the Week and is currently streaming on vimeo.